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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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Why Buy A Gift Card?

No more unwanted gifts

Buying things that aren’t wanted isn't just awkward - it’s a waste of money, time, and resources. By giving the gift of choice, a gift card eliminates the chance of a disappointing present and empowers your loved one to choose something they actually need.

It’s kinder to the environment

It’s not just unwanted gifts that might find their way to landfills. Choosing cheaply-made gifts that break by January does no one any favors. Even if you're on a budget, a Gift for Life card can be put towards the purchase of a sustainably-made item that could last a lifetime.

Contribute to something bigger

Would you rather have one amazing present or ten rubbish ones? It may be that what your loved one really wants is a dream item, that neither of you can afford alone. With a gift card, you can contribute to the purchase of the ultimate present, whilst working within a budget that works for you. 

Don’t rush into a bad purchase

We’ve all been there - that anxiety-fueled power walks around the high street buying a ‘that’ll do’ gift you know isn’t right just before the shops close. Purchasing a Gift Card is not only stress-free and instantaneous, but it also allows the recipient to carefully select their own gift, without any rush.

Loved for life

‘Emotional durability’ means an item’s ability to stand the test of time as a loved object. Maybe you’ll buy your dad that wallet with the lifetime warranty on it - but what if he hates the design? You can’t always guarantee a gift will stay in someone’s life forever, but by letting them choose, it’s far more likely to happen.

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