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Plug In Heater

Plug In Heater

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Plug-In Heater: When you need to warm up fast, this ceramic electric heater is the perfect solution.

Whether you're looking to heat up your bedroom, dorm, or just to warm up your feet, this mini space heater is the perfect tool for the job. It's compact and lightweight, so you can easily transport it wherever you need it.

This upgraded ceramic electric heater uses a high-quality ceramic PTC heating plate, which can quickly heat in 3 seconds and output a constant temperature. This means that you can get rid of annoying cold to enjoy the warmth faster than ever before.

Digital Display For Easy Use. This space heater also has a humanized design with a high-definition led digital display that allows you to accurately understand the temperature you set. You can also set 1 to 12 hours of heating time from the space heater "Timer" function and the heater will auto-off while the heating time is over.

Choose A Precise Temperature! Unlike most portable heaters just have options for low medium and high, but this heater will give you super precise degrees to follow your actual need - This small space heater built-in thermostat, and temperature is adjustable, supporting surprisingly accurate temp 0,5°C (1°F), so you can set this thermostatic heater temp within 15°C (60°F) to 30°C (90°F) that any your desired temp.

A Large Heating Area. The heating covers up to 100 square feet (10m2 ), and it has a 180° rotating 3-jack plug for the wall, so convenient to use and carry. This is a great space heater for indoor use such as for a bedroom, dorm, personal use, or for dog, cat use.

Safe, Will Not Overload. The wall space heater adopts 120V input AC voltage with a 350w low wattage design, this lets the heater will not overload the circuit and it is a more economical choice.

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